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Your Number 1 Choice for CNC Machines and Precision Laser Cutter Production Canada

Whenever you are in need of a precision machining specialist, laser cutter or CNC milling experts, Brookside Machining is the CNC production and Precision Machining expert to get in touch with.

Brookside Machining is the NUMBER 1 choice custom machining machine shop in Canada. We are the major production source for all your CNC production needs in Canada with many years of experience in custom and precision machining, CNC milling, laser cutter machines, and virtually every type of production for different CNC machines.

As an expert in CNC milling production with base in Canada, we offer a complete precision machining service, Laser Cutter, CNC Milling and CNC turning solutions to companies all over the world.

As a leading and number one specialist in custom CNC turning and milling services, we are working tirelessly to put maximum effort into making your parts your desired specs at a very competitive rate.

Brookside Machining was established over four years ago and since then we have continued to grow tremendously. We were able to achieve this through manufacturing top quality CNC machine assemblies for our customers, along with continuous improvements and advances in our Canada CNC machining facilities.

We have a highly skilled engineering and machining workforce, who take care in delivering top quality machines on time and at a fair price. We provide a one stop shop for all your CNC machining needs & services, from preliminary design of component manufacture and prototype, through to CNC milling and production, CNC turning, laser cutting, and inspection of your precision machines.

At Brookside Machining, our high-tech CNC machines, CNC milling, laser cutters, and other precision machines in Canada have enabled us to deliver the precise CNC production services our clients requires. We serve high-level industries in Canada that require a wide range of CNC milling, laser cutting, and other custom-made machining services.

As an industry leader, our factories employ the use of the most advanced CNC machines and measuring apparatuses. We are thoroughly dedicated to high-quality products and, most importantly, we are devoted to your satisfaction as our customer. Our efficient quality control system enables us to provide clients with modern products.

Our Major Operations Include

CNC Milling: We specializing in the manufacturing of quality milling components and turned parts to customer drawings and specifications. Our skilled engineers work in a CNC milling facility in Canada that is equipped with the most up-to-date advances in CNC milling technology. This helps us provide top quality milled components at competitive prices to companies in Canada.

Our machining shop in Canada is complimented by many other machining processes and services, helping us keep everything under one roof for our customers.

We are available for a wide range of metal fabrication, and we can fabricate your OEM parts in all grades of material including the following:

CNC Turning: We offer top quality CNC turned components and parts at competitive prices. We also offer CNC milling, assembly services, tooling, and prototype engineering services in Canada.

We provide CNC turning services and CNC machining in a number of various materials and we have become a significant component manufacturer for a number of industry, such as food packaging companies, medical and transport, to mention a few

Our CNC turning processes include:

Laser Cutter: We have great experience in cutting different materials like mild steel, stainless steel, or aluminium for industrial components. We also cut plastics for automotive and advertising, and even wood that was used for furniture applications.

We are an expert in precision laser cutting of 2D and 3D stampings from prototype through production, our fully equipped and certified engineering and quality control department will ensure that your product is made to exact specifications. Brookside has the ability to process emergency orders for immediate delivery.

Automatic Band Saw: Aside from CNC production, laser cutting, CNC milling, we also specialize in numerical cutting of various materials. Our years of sawing practices and continuous improvements contribute to Brookside's leading role in cutting performance. Our commitment in making the best band saw reflects itself whether in metal cutting speed or cut-off finish. In addition, our dedication to innovation brings our customers the widest band saw product lines in today's market.

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We have the dedicated people and robust CNC machines, precision machining, CNC milling, and laser cutters that will give you the best results in Canada. Call or Email us today so we can discuss how we can help you in your next production, metal fabrication, and design specification requirements. We proudly serve all industries in Canada including individuals and government agencies.

Some Materials We Work With

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